June 2, 2023


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good start.  ZUS paid over 900 million PLN.  How to apply for 300 Plus?

good start. ZUS paid over 900 million PLN. How to apply for 300 Plus?

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When and where to apply for 300+?

benefit 300 The plus has already been granted for another year. This is the common name for the program.good startIn it the parents children At school age, get a small piece in the amount of PLN 300 at the beginning of the school year.

As mentioned Social security, 925 million PLN was paid to parents and guardians under the program. From July 1, received by sister Over 3 million school start-up tools apps for over 3.6 million students.

Program is designed Inflation has reached more than 300. Regular cladding is 40% more expensive. than it was before the pandemic

good start. How to apply for 300 Plus?

300 plus requests from the program”good startApplications can be made from July 1. In the 2021/2022 school year Application This feature can only be offered electronically – via the Social Insurance Institution’s Electronic Services Platform (PUE) portal, electronic banking or [email protected] portal. Money From the program it is paid only to the bank account.

We remind you that 300-plus applications are accepted until November 30, 2021. However, it is worth doing it earlier. If we decide to submit the application by the end of August, the funds will be paid by September 30th at the latest. Exceeding this deadline means that the 300-plus funds will be transferred to the account just two months after the application is submitted.

Changes to 500 plus (illustration image)The end of the 500-plus in a year and a half “in 2023 the budget will not collapse”

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good start. Who is 300 Plus for?

The “Good Start” program is a one-time support of 300 PLN for all students who start the school year. Families will receive the benefit regardless of income. Under the program, ZUS pays a subsidy in the amount of PLN 300 – once a year – for a child who attends school until he reaches 20 or 24 years in the case of children with disabilities.