Israel’s war with Hamas.  The lives of newborns in a Gaza hospital are at grave risk

The Israeli military attack on the Gaza Strip continues. There is no electricity and water in hospitals

– Yesterday I gave birth to 39 babies, today I have 36 – Dr. Muhammad Tabasha from Al-Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip told Reuters. There was no electricity or water at the facility for several days, so the infants staying there had to be removed from incubators. Doctors are trying to keep them alive, but they say the situation is critical.

In the besieged hospital The sword The Gaza Strip has been suffering from electricity and water outages for several days. Fighting continues around the facility, and the Israeli army has already reached the gates of the facility. The hospital is considered a strategic target for Tel Aviv because, as Israeli government representatives claim, the Hamas command center is located under the building.

He is currently staying at the facility 36 premature babiesWhich had to be removed from the incubators due to lack of electricity. Newborn babies live in life-threatening conditions. Doctors say that the siege of the hospital means “slow death” for them.

The humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. The situation threatens the lives of newborns

Some babies weigh only 700-800 grams. Due to their condition, they must be kept in incubators that adjust the temperature and humidity according to their needs. However, there is no electricity in the hospital, so the children lie on regular beds, one next to the other. The doctor confirmed that their lives in the current situation are in serious danger.

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– Yesterday I gave birth to 39 babies, today I have 36 – said the head of the pediatrics department, Dr. Mohamed Tabaza, in a phone call with Reuters.

-I don’t know how long they will survive. I might lose two more today, maybe even within the hour – added.

The humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. The occupation forces surrounded Al-Shifa Hospital

Due to the continuous attack by the Israeli army, Al-Shifa Hospital lacks not only electricity, but also water. Quoted by Agence France-Presse A surgeon from Doctors Without Borders described the conditions in the facility as “inhumane.”.

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO) At least 2,300 people are staying in hospital. Israeli authorities claim that Hamas has established a command center in the tunnels under Al-Shifa Hospital and is using patients as human shields.

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip reported that since Saturday, after Al-Shifa Hospital stopped working due to a power outage, 32 patients died, including three newborns. Until now, as a result of Israel’s retaliation for the Hamas attack on October 7 11,180 people were martyred in the Gaza Strip, including 4,609 children.

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