Forest castle Vladimir Putin.  This is how he protects his home and Alina Kabaeva

After the secret residence of Vladimir Putin and Alina Kabaeva was revealed, the Russian president is even more panicked than ever. He was angry that someone had dared to look into his private life. In order to protect himself and his future mistress, he introduced a restricted area around the secret jungle mansion where his beloved gymnast lives.

The Russian dictator’s luxurious lair on the edge of Lake Valdai is a sprawling estate with a prime luxury residence, guesthouses, a golf course, and a massive spa complex. This is where Alina Kabaeva, her entourage and Putin’s children are supposed to live with the gymnast. Around the property, a new and extensive exclusion zone has been defined – larger than the whole of Malta, and part of it is now part of the Valdaski National Park.

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