Poland is getting stronger when it comes to alliances in Europe

A few days ago, in Madrid, there was a big event for supporters of the Vox party, which turned out to be a huge organizational success. Thousands of supporters of the Spanish Right and political leaders from various European countries expressed their attachment to the family, traditions and true European values ​​based on the Christian worldview.

“The movement, which is getting stronger, is gaining more and more supporters, not only in Spain. That is why today important guests appeared from abroad, and even Polish politicians sent their telegrams in the form of short but interesting letters ( broadcast on a huge screen): Chairman of the Board Jaroslaw Kaczynski and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. At the invitation of Vox, Polish MPs from the PiS assisted in the event: Kacper Płażyński and Pawe Lisiecki”- DoRzeczy.pl portal reported by Małgorzata Wołczyk from Madrid.

On Wednesday, on Radio Gdansk, Kacper Płażyński shared his impressions of the meeting.

Vox has a very open approach to connecting with people and these type of party events. There are not many connections there, and there is very close contact with people. More than twenty thousand members and supporters of Vox attended the event associated with the festival. It was really impressive when I talked to people and saw their honest and true energy. It was both impressive and thought provoking: Where could Vox be in two years’ time when there are elections in Spain? When it started two years ago, it was about eight percent. Now polls have given him twenty. The politician said they have a very good upward trend.


Conservative turn in Europe

As Płażyński emphasized, the conservative turn of the Old Continent appears to be a permanent trend, as evidenced by the results of recent elections in our southern neighbours.

In the Czech Republic, socialists and communists did not enter parliament who has been there for thirty years. Now they don’t have any parliamentarians anymore. This indicates that the lever is strongly shifted to the right in many European countries. Likewise in Italy, where Salvini now rules, but she entered into alliances with well-established parties in the political world. On the other hand, the Italian Brotherhood, which had about four percent two years ago, is now winning in the opinion polls. All indications are that it may strengthen further within a couple of years. Important elections await us in both Spain and Italy. It may turn out that the Government of Law and Justice will have a very strong ally in the European Union – comment on the political situation in Europe.

The deputy strongly denied the theory promoted by the opposition regarding the alleged policy.

– We’ve heard about politics since law and justice took power in Poland. After all, nothing of the sort happens. On the contrary, Poland is gaining ground when it comes to alliances in Europe. Poland is seen as a leader in the field, with colleagues from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania and Bulgaria looking at us as a local leader – the politician argued, adding that if he manages to survive the current conflict with the European Commission, Poland will not only gain money due to it, but also credibility In the eyes of the partners.

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