Isabelle Place and Sebastian Delorm in "Red Bracelets"

Sebastian Delorme is out of “District 31” but does not find himself without challenges: Jan will be part of the cast of the new series “Les Bracelets Rouges” directed by England. VAT It will air next winter, and it brings together talented, honest and experienced faces.

The story of the “red bracelets” is based on the hospitalized impossible friendship between seven teenagers aged 12 to 17, but despite the disease they decide to live their lives to the fullest and face the same trials as all young people. Age (love pains, school …). Many young adult actors, already found here in other fantasies, will be part of the adventure including Leon Desilets, Audrey Roger, Nova Parker, Etienne Calloy, Millia Gorbile Gavrev, Anthony Therian and Malik Bobbin.

Later, Sebastian Delorme, Isabelle Place, Frederick de Grandfrey, Marcel Lefoff, Eric Bernier, Catherine Renaud, Claude Despins, David Saward, Miriam de Verger, Eric Ballhaus, Victor Andrews and other young heroes appeared next. Described as a song for life and hope.

“The Red Bracelets” is an adaptation of the Catalan series of the same name, created by the Spanish director and engineer Albert Espinoza, who was hospitalized from the age of 14 to 24. Michael Broylet and Stephanie Perrault sign the texts for the Quebec version, produced by Encol TV and Quebec content.

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