February 2, 2023


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Great Britain.  Due to the lack of butchers, breeders started killing healthy pigs

Great Britain. Due to the lack of butchers, breeders started killing healthy pigs

The NPA said it was aware of the killing of at least 600 pigs. The organization recently warned that if the bottleneck in the meat processing industry is not resolved, as many as 150,000 people could be killed. healthy animals. An insufficient number of butchers and factory workers means that slaughterhouses operate at about 20 percent. Less than the odds, which in turn – that the farms are crowded.

New People’s Army chief Zoe Davies told Sky News she had spoken to adult men who had cried out about the need to slaughter. – These animals were raised, fed, cared for and cared for. She said it was a crime to kill those who are healthy and then expel them.

The crisis in the meat processing industry is due to the fact that a large part of the workers from Central and Eastern Europe left during the coronavirus epidemic and did not return, and others did not come to replace them, because at the end of last year the free movement of people with the European Union ended and its citizens must apply for a Work visas.

Zoe Davis said there are no signs of hiring improvement yet, even though the median wage for a butcher is $37,500. pounds a year – above the national average wage – many slaughterhouses are still unable to find workers.

The British government offered temporary work visas to workers in the shipping and poultry sectors on Friday to prevent shortages in these industries, but made no mention of pig processing. Davies noted that in order to attract employees in this way, the workforce would have to be longer than three months.

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