Isabella Skorupko: Her daughter Julia is already 27 years old!  what he does?

Julia is the daughter of actress and hockey player Mariusz Czerkovskiy. She was born in 1997. Her parents had married a year earlier. It originated in Sweden and the United States. Scorupco took a break from her career to devote herself to her family. This came as a surprise to many due to its success “Goldeneye” The media wrote about it.

In an interview with Bunny, the actress mentioned that after the premiere of the first Bond film Z Pierce Brosnan As Agent 007, she was inundated with offers. Didn't use most of them. At the time she was “focusing on her own life, in love, and being pregnant.” She added that although she loves acting, she will not participate in the race for an exciting role “no matter the cost.”

A year later, her marriage to Cherkowski collapsed. Skorupko She went back to work. Featured in the adaptation “Fire and sword” Directed by Jerzy Hoffmann. But she did not hide that raising her daughter was her priority.

In an interview with Pani in 2010, she joked that the only thing that made her angry was her daughter's reluctance to speak Polish. Julia communicates mainly in English and Swedish. As a result, “this is how Grandma Grazinka, Mariusz’s mother, arranged it […]That he can't get along with his granddaughter.

Cherkausky, in turn, joked that he was saddened by his daughter's decision not to pursue a sports career. As you remember, Julia played great basketball when she was in high school. However, she does not want to become a professional. However, the hockey player stated that the most important thing for his daughter is to develop her emotions.

Julia graduated from Berkeley University in San Francisco. Instead of trying to pursue a career as a model or actress, she chose a different career path. He currently works in public relations in Los Angeles. She is active on social media, primarily Instagram.

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