June 3, 2023


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A Marvels movie – MCU must have musical elements. Interesting rumor

Attention! This content is a rumour, or may be proven true but is not necessary.

New rumor about the movie marvels It comes from the so-called scoop, i.e. people with industry knowledge based on their sources that they share on social media. However, this is still a rumor, so treat it with a distance, because no one confirms or denies it.

The Marvels – Musical Elements in the Movie

We read that in an MCU movie there should be musical elements. Carol Danvers will go to a planet where the inhabitants communicate only by singing. At the moment, no additional details are known, so it is not known how important this topic is to the scheme.

Interestingly, Brie Larson Before becoming an actress, she was a singer. In 2005, she released an album, which sold only a few thousand copies. The actress sang on screen in the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the world From 2010. Listen for yourself.

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Thedirect.com portal speculates that it may be a popular comic book Captain Marvel with 2014 Planet Aldana whose inhabitants spoke in rhymes and songs. Perhaps on July 22, Marvel Studios will confirm something about this during a panel discussion at San Diego Comic-Con 2022.