mBank offers price increases to customers.  The UA electronic account has not changed

mBank's new price list will go into effect on April 3. The most important change for customers will be the exclusion of Euronet and Santander Bank Polska ATMs from preferential withdrawal conditions for their customers. When withdrawing cash from these companies' ATMs, you will have to pay a commission or withdraw larger amounts.

As if that wasn't enough, starting June 4, the bank will charge a fee for ATM withdrawals using Blik.

There have been allegations online about “unequal treatment” of customers by mBank. One detail of the introduced increases broke the camel's back – they do not apply to customers from Ukraine who arrived in Poland after February 23, 2022. The differences relate to the personal e-account and the UA personal e-account. mBank explains this and no other decision.

Accounts of Ukrainian citizens are maintained according to principles similar to those on which we offer basic payment accounts. The Basic Payment Account (introduced by the EU) provides free access to basic banking services, including deposits, withdrawals, transfers and card payments. This account does not provide access to many other services offered by the bank. According to the law (the issue of PRP is regulated by the Law of 30 November 2016 amending the Payment Services Act and certain other laws (Journal of Laws 2016, Section 1997)), these accounts are maintained free of charge. Their main goal is to combat financial exclusion. It can be set up for free by any EU citizen. Under this law, Ukrainian citizens have the right to legally reside in Poland and can therefore open accounts that operate according to principles similar to the PRP. These are just basic accounts, with a limited set of services. The Polish Financial Supervision Authority's March 2022 recommendation, which was aimed at supporting refugees from Ukraine, also specified the scope of these accounts and that they would be free.

On February 22, 2024, an amendment to the Law on Assistance to Ukrainian Citizens entered into force, extending until June 30, 2024, the deadline by which their stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland is considered legal. This affects the validity periods of account contracts for Ukrainian citizens. After this period, customers will receive offers to switch to the standard tariff. We comply with applicable laws and KNF declarations.

– Emilia Kasperchak, media relations expert at mBank, told the editorial office.

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