Love Island.  Waleria Szewczyk has undergone a massive transformation.  We know what it looked like once.  The change is impressive [ZDJÊCIA]

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Recently, the trend in which users display their photos from their youth has gained a lot of popularity on TikTok. In this way, they want to show how huge the transformations they have gone through. Join this group “Love Island”.

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Waleria Szewczyk from “Love Island” is proud of the transformation

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Waleria Szewczyk shared a shocking video on her social media. At the time, the participant in the program had curly hair and focused on precisely defining her eyes with a blurred line. Fans noticed something else. Szewczyk used a video to compare it to a beauty filter applied to it. They think she doesn’t need it because she looks so good without it.

Without the filters, it would look the same, so no need for those filters from Insta – fans write.

Waleria Szewczyk is similar to other stars

TikTok users have compared the “Love Island” star to other famous women. Some of them think that Waleria Szewczyk is strikingly similar Kendall JennerIt is the most profitable model in the world. Others write that it resembles Marcysia Ryskala from differencefrieze.

Similar to Kendall.

She looks like Marcysia Ryskala – fan comment.

Love Island. Wiktor knew one of the participants before the program. “Little Szczecin”

Waleria Szewczyk’s Instagram account has been hacked

Participation in “Love Island” opened the door for Waleria Szewczyk to work as an influencer. Unfortunately her Instagram account was hacked and she had to start building her profile all over again. Currently, the Icelander has a group of 80,000 loyal fans. Waleria Szewczyk willingly shares the details of her private life and is in constant contact with fans.

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