Is Sony preparing to bring back the legendary series?  The actor could have revealed a new game for PS5

Sony doesn't have strong shooters in its active catalog, but if the latest rumors are confirmed, a lot could change in this regard.

By purchasing two companies and several studios, Microsoft has acquired a number of very strong IPs for first-person shooter fans. The giant from Redmond has in its library series such as Wolfenstein, DOOM, Quake and Call of Duty.

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At least two of the four IPs mentioned are still in development, and rumor has it we can expect productions from all universes.

As for Sony's activity, it is completely different, as in recent generations it focused on story games and third-person perspective games, and abandoned, among other things, the Killzone series, which was distinguished by a distinctive style and atmosphere.

However, the company may return to another well-regarded IP – at least that's what David Veach suggests. The actor added a project called “SOCOM 111” to his resume on, sparking speculation.

Veach will be one of the stars of the new production, which will likely be developed by Sony.

In recent years, we've heard many rumors about the return of the Socom series, and Comicbook reports that even its sources mentioned working on a new project from this IP. However, the game has not been officially announced.

Sony may actually return to one of its forgotten IPs, or such a project was created but abandoned – it is no secret that the manufacturer wanted to bring several games as services to the market, but some of them were canceled before the announcement.

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