Is it worth waiting for a new film from the creator of cinema?  The hottest premiere of the year-end!

“Rebel Moon – Part 1: Child of Fire” It’s a new movie Zack SnyderThe creators of such famous products as “Guards: Guardians”, “sucker punch”, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” whether “Army of the Dead”. The first part of the series will premiere on the Netflix streaming platform on December 22.

The heroine of the film is Cora (Sofia Boutella) – A warrior who once served in the army of the Evil Empire. The woman now gathers a team to help her defend the small colony against the overwhelming forces of the enemy army.

When a peaceful colony on the edge of the galaxy faces attack from a tyrannical army, the mysterious Korra It becomes the residents’ greatest hope for survival. In an attempt to gain allies for an impossible mission, Korra assembles a small group of warriors—outsiders, rebels, peasants, and war orphans from different worlds—who are united by a common desire for vengeance and redemption. “When the shadow of a powerful kingdom falls on the unexpected moons, a battle for the fate of the galaxy erupts, and a new army of heroes is forged,” reads the official production description.

Director, co-writer and cinematographer talks about working on Rebel Moon – the first part of the series Zack Snyder.

When did the idea for “Rebel Moon” come about?

Zach Synder: – This scenario has probably been around in different versions for 20 years, but the idea of ​​creating it dates back to even older times. In college, I took a class where we had to pick a story and put it in a completely different world. Then I thought to myself: “What if we made The Dirty Dozen in space?” I remember my teacher said, “Sure, but how do you implement it?” It’s easy to say, but building an entire world generally takes a long time. It was not difficult to imagine, but the whole idea was so ambitious that it was unthinkable for the student. Regardless, I felt it was a good idea. It was one of those things that I always thought could be created.

This seems to be a challenge you have faced from the beginning of your career.

– Yes, in terms of ambition, I would say we basically did that in every subsequent film. Even then, we said, “Let’s make two movies back to back, because the story is too big to fit into one movie. And let’s also make an extended version and shoot different scenes for it.” That’s not what people do. That’s the spirit in which “Rebel Moon” was created – it’s always been that way, and I think that’s why this story has stuck with me for so long.

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