Scott Disick is dating Brooklyn Beckham's ex-girlfriend!  Envied Kourtney's long-term relationship?  (Pictures)

The whole world was able to tell how much of it Scott Disick Jealous of a new romantic relationship Kourtney KardashianWhen the news came out, which he exchanged with a former celebrity – Younessem Bendjimi. Disick paid for his unclear correspondence not only with honor, but also with his own relationship. current partner Amelia Gray Hamlin (20 years only) has stated that she doesn’t want anything to do with the type who is still obsessed with his ex.

As expected disk He didn’t wait a second to get back into dating. He’s already been seen “in the city” with a model Elizabeth Grace Lindley At the end of October. However, nothing seems to have come out of the attempts. A new beauty has already appeared on his side.

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This time, she was very determined to climb the social ladder Hana Cross. The upstart model starred in the show business skyline three years ago, when she started dating the then 19-year-old and still Brooklyn Beckham. This time, the graceful girl probably liked more mature men.

The paparazzi caught Cross and Disick leaving a Nobu restaurant in Malibu together. star With a camera in the Kardashians He was hiding in every way behind a baseball cap. The presence of the photojournalists made Cross even happier, as he greeted them with a big smile on her face.


Will Scott be a little more lucky in love this time? Or maybe he’s finally healing himself from dating girls who are barely adults?

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