“The InLaws 2” is sweeping cinemas
The film “Tościowie 2” directed by Kalina Aladrowskiska is sweeping the cinemas! The continuation of the popular comedy with an all-star cast, which has been regularly distributed since Friday, has already been watched by more than 130,000 people.

– I wanted viewers to get to know the characters better and love them more. We wanted to create “Tusyach 2” Our own story about today’s world, use our own film language and create a film that is visually beautiful and funny at the same time – said the film’s director Kalina Aladrokiska before the premiere. And everything indicates that she achieved her goal – viewers do not spare praise and confirm that they love Małgorzata (Maja Ostaszewska), Wanda (Izabela Kuna) and Tadeusz (Adam Woronowicz) even more. They also warmly welcomed Jan (Erik Colm Jr.), who becomes part of the fun-filled and thought-provoking team. The actors themselves often mention their sympathy not only for their heroes, but also for their co-stars, who agree that they feel comfortable in each other’s company in front of the camera and in their private lives.

What is “InLaws 2” about?

Will there be a wedding this time? Weronika and Łukasz – the would-be bride and groom from the first part decide to give themselves a second chance and invite their family to the wedding and wedding reception in a seaside town. Guests include characters well known to viewers: Wanda and Thaddeus with their dog Mirilka, as well as the divorced Majorzata accompanied by… Jan, who is several years younger than her, and her mother. The sea, drinks and naked sunbathing all make the bride and groom’s family members open up more and more and take off their masks.

“In-laws 2” It is a comedic and ironic story about the state of a thirty-year marriage, about the generational difference in a relationship, which still seems like a taboo subject, and about whether it is worth getting married at all.

Trailer for the movie “In-Laws 2”

The first part of the film, which premiered two years ago, immediately won the hearts of viewers and critics. “in-laws” It attracted more than 450,000 viewers to cinemas, and later triumphed on streaming platforms for a long time.

On the set of the movie “In-laws 2” Maja Ostaszewska, Isabella Cunha, Adam Woronovich and Ewa Dalkowska met again. Eric Kolm Jr. and Andrei Zielinski joined the cast.

Marek Modzelewski is responsible for the film’s script, as in the case of the first part, and it is directed by Kalina Aladrokiska.

The producer of the film is AKSON STUDIO. Co-producers are TVN Warner Bros. Discovery and upcoming movie. NEXT FILM is responsible for distributing the film in Poland.

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