According to Judge Sebastian Broolk, the death of Michael Broole still requires official confirmation. The court did not trust the documents presented by the defense attorney in this case, Mr. Charles Broch.

When we say that a file is closed, we must have proof that the person is dead, Explains Michael Broole’s lawyer. The documents I sent were, frankly, unsatisfactory DBCP.

All of the documents provided by M Broch to attorney Valerie Lahai are from Michael Broole’s brother. These are the death certificate, burial certificate and copies of the police report, all written in Portuguese, explains Mr. Brochu.

M Valerie Lahai, Advocate for the Director of Criminal and Penal Cases (DPCP)

Photo: Radio-Canada

Mr. Lahai needs a document from the embassy or the Brazilian government stating that Michael Brule is actually dead.

An excerpt from:M Charles Brooch, lawyer for Michael Broole

Unexpected death in Brazil

The founder of Les Intouchable Editions is said to have lost his life while cycling in the mountains of Guarabari.

He reportedly lost control of his bike before going down a steep slope and colliding with a tree. Since his burial took place on Brazilian soil at the behest of his relatives, Canada was unable to repatriate his remains.

The cyclist is said to have hit a tree.

The cyclist is said to have hit a tree after losing control of his bicycle.

Photo: Courtesy / FTEMPOREAL.COM

The Crown asked Interpol to cooperate in proving the death of Michael Broole. While awaiting official evidence for his death, the culprit is presumed not to be at his trial.

After the court placed him Convicted of sexual assault last October, Michael Bruley took a plane to join his brother, who owns an inn in Brazil.

Initially, his lawyer said the publisher wanted to spend the holidays there. The origin of the Brazilian variant and the closure of the borders on which it succeeded would have prevented it from returning to the country.

Had it not been for the epidemic, he would have returned before then. Even those who suspected his death could tell on my cell phone, by text, that he had returned the tickets he had bought in May.

An excerpt from:M Charles Brooch, lawyer for Michael Broole

Michael Bruley did not appear at an earlier hearing on May 26, saying the poor quality of the Internet prevented him from joining the virtual court.

Michael Broole’s case is scheduled to return to court on August 3.

With information from Pascal Boyne

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