’70s “Paris By Night” singer Dannii dies at 77

Dani, an actress, model or legendary French singer, died on Monday at the age of 77, her manager Lambert Boutier told AFP on Tuesday.

The artist died “of an illness” in the region of Tours (centre) where he lived, we learn from the same source. He had just finished his last album “Horizons Torres” tour and he was already finishing the production of a new album.

Dani chose to call this new disc “Attention Departed”. “We were warned and she forgot to tell us it was imminent,” her professional entourage wrote in a Facebook message.

We can still read that “nothing mattered to her more than creating, singing, and being surrounded by those she loved.” “If Dani has inspired many artists, photographers, filmmakers, songwriters, composers, directors, it is because she is a powerful breath of life, full of nature, overflowing with love and energy,” adds her management.

Danni was the queen of “Paris by night” in the ’70s, leading the trendy nightclub L’Aventure, the French version of the legendary Studio 54 in New York.

François Truffaut nominated her for the role of Lilian in “The American Night” at the 1974 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

In 1987, the former Ye muse described his descent into hell on “Drogue la galère.”

Ignored by record companies due to his frequent visits to artificial paradise, he returned to the front of the stage in 2001 thanks to singer Etienne Tahoe. He offered to sing a duet called “Like a Boomerang”. Failed and forgotten at Eurovision by Serge Gainsbourg.

Since then, she has acquired an iconic status that has made her uncomfortable. “There’s also a frozen side when I feel like I’m in motion,” she told AFP in 2020. She wanted to talk about a “strange life” – model, singer, actress, magazine editor, florist…

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