A Taylor Swift fan has made it to the Guinness Book of World Records

Swifties, these Taylor Swift fans, will do anything to show their devotion to the star.

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Thus Bilal Ilyas Jandir spent 13 weeks training to memorize the entire list of words for his idol. He broke the record by recognizing 34 of the singer's songs in less than a minute.

To set the record, he worked blindly into the camera to complete the verses, while a pair of certified witnesses read aloud snippets of lyrics from a randomly selected list of songs and a stopwatch counted down the seconds.

An intense memorization exercise, but not where you think the difficulty is, the 20-year-old told USA TODAY from her home in Bahawalpur, Pakistan:

“It was really hard because you had to listen to the other person reading the lyrics, and they would mispronounce certain words.”

Bilal Ilyas Jandir shot a video of himself in September 2023 and the Guinness Book of Records team verified his feat this month.

The previous record holder was Briton Dan Simpson, who in 2019 managed to identify 27 Taylor songs at once.

While Bilal Ilyas Jandir is happy with the success of his favorite song You're Losing Me for which he performed, there is one more thing he wants to see Taylor Swift in person. “Now my only dream is to meet her,” he said. Or, at the very least, participate in a stop on the Eras tour. »

Taylor Swift should not be indifferent to this request!

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