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Christian Dominguez reappeared on the show. To provide details of his face being a trainer in the gym. The popular ‘Wachiman’ returns to TV after the show ‘America Hoy’, where he worked as a ‘collaborator’.

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After Melissa Paredes was confirmed in practice as the ‘new presenter’ of ‘Women in Command’, now Christian Dominguez has appeared on the San Philippe channel to the amazement of the audience.

Christian Dominguez was the protagonist of a note in which he showed how he is now ‘returning’ as a ‘personal trainer’. After fully upgrading his chifa entrepreneurs last year.

After Melissa Paredes’ ‘Mujeres al mando’ was recently admitted, the alarms sounded after she abruptly left America TV magazine as her mentor with her dancer.

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Melissa Parades praises Activator

She was “proud” of her boyfriend Anthony Aranda’s athletic figure. Thais Casalino and “Checho” Iberra pointed out that the dancer had a physique similar to that of a football player, which surprised the model.

In Woman in Command, Melissa Parades and Thais Casalino commented on the best physicists of Hollywood personalities and can not miss being on the new compiler’s boyfriend list.

“He’s a dancer and he dances a lot. It’s not ripped off, it’s skinny but marked. He spends more or less 2 hours in the gym.” Melissa Parades praises her boyfriend.

Melissa Mom’s new driver

Your new channel. Melissa Paradise He returned to recharged television screens as the host of the show ‘Mujerres Al Mando’ aired by Latina. The model danced again with Thais Casalino and Giovanna Valcarcel and appeared with a smile on her face.

So we’re going to dance and present it, and we presented this interview yesterday that caused a great revolution. She is going to ride in the car with us today, calmly, with a happy heart. Introducing Melissa Paredes ”, Thais started saying that.

In this way, Melissa Paredes definitely left the US television rankings, where she co-hosted “America Hoy” with Ethel Pozo and Janet Barboza. After her controversial arrow with dancer Anthony Aranda, the model reappeared on screen.

“Hello, hello, good morning, Peru, a big kiss from here, Glad to see you again dear public and glad to be with you as a partner in Mujeres al Mando. Sorry, but today I’m going to steal the show”, The actress also said.

After the split with ‘Cado’ Cuba, the model stressed that there was still a lot to say about her personal life, and that there were nerves in it.

“They cook me well, you know, real recipes,” Melissa said amidst laughter, noting that she was cooking in Latin’s morning magazine.

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