Inflation in Poland Milk prices in recent years – data from DlaHandlu

Over the past eight years, milk prices have almost doubled – according to data collected by the DlaHandlu portal. The increase has been particularly noticeable over the past twelve months or so.

In October 2009, the average price of a liter of milk with a fat content of 3.2 percent was PLN 1.79. In contrast, in September 2015 it was PLN 1.99, and now – PLN 3.88. Over the course of eight years, the price of a liter of milk has almost doubled.

How has the price of milk changed?Dalla Handlow

How many liters of milk for minimum wage?

The editorial team of TVN24 BiS decided to check how many liters of milk you could buy a few years ago and now for minimum wage. In 2015, when the minimum wage totaled PLN 1,750, she could buy 879.4 liters of milk. Currently, with the minimum wage of PLN 3,600, it is 927.8 l.

It should be noted that the increase in the minimum wage during this period amounted to 105.71%, and the purchasing power of the minimum wage increased by 5.5%.

Other accounts are also worth noting. In October 2015, 1,000 Polish zlotys could buy 502.5 liters of milk, and in the same period of 2023 – 257.7 liters.

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