February 4, 2023


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They have worked on projects in Beijing, Dubai and Singapore.  Now they want to design a station and a CPK station

They have worked on projects in Beijing, Dubai and Singapore. Now they want to design a station and a CPK station

In the ongoing second phase of the CPK bidding procedure As a general designer, i.e. master architect, five bidders participate– CPK spokesman Konrad Majzyk told PAP.

The lead architect will be responsible for the design of the passenger terminal and railway station along with the public transport interchange.

The company reported that there are two design offices from Great Britain: Foster Partners and Zaha Hadid, the American studio Kohn Pedersen Fox, the Vidal Asociados Estudio de Arquitectura studio from Spain and the House of Engineering and Perkins and Will, i.e. Lebanese. Konrad Majzyk confirms that Renowned international design bureaus with experience in large airport investments in different parts of the world“.

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Participants in the tender participated in the construction and expansion of airports including. In Beijing (Dashing), Singapore (Changi), Istanbul, Dubai, London Heathrow and JFK New York.

“We are conducting the procedure in the form of a competitive dialogue that allows to organize workshops with qualified architectural studios. The contract will include design services for the main station, and in the following stages also the so-called satellite stations, as well as the railway station with a crossroads, “- said Majzik.

He emphasized that the company’s intent was to select an experienced designer and that it would collaborate closely with, among other things, with the CPK master planner, i.e. Arup, the strategic advisor, such as Incheon Airport from Seoul, as well as for example the general civil engineering designer.

The CPK spokesperson also adds that market conditions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and The war in UkraineAnd “Forcing the company to be flexible, such as the need to adapt to the current situation and air traffic forecasts, Which the company intends to update on an ongoing basis.

Central Communication Port It is a planned transport intersection between Warsaw and the Woods, which will integrate air, rail and road transport. As part of this project Solidarno Airport will be built 37 km west of Warsaw, on an area of ​​approximately 3,000 hectares, which in the first phase will be able to handle 40 million passengers annually.

Port of Solidarity In the first stage, it will have two runways of about 4 kilometers each. Regarding the airport, the investment in the advanced masterplan development phase, including the airport master plan, environmental and field studies is nearing completion, and real estate is being purchased.

In December, the company announced the preferred location for the airport. It has an area of ​​about 41 square kilometers in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe communes: Barano, Teresin and Wiskeitki, 37 km west of Warsaw.