The largest power unit in Poland has a malfunction.  Going out of power for the holidays?

The latest power unit at the Kozienice Power Plant has malfunctioned, Business Insider reports. It is already operating at half power, but from tomorrow it will completely stop sending electricity to the grid. The stalemate is expected to last more than two weeks.

latest blog in Kozinis Generating Station It is the largest generating unit in the country, with a capacity of 1075 MW. It belongs to Enea.

Error The Steam system was confirmed in an interview with Business Insider by a company spokesperson, Pyotr Kotkowski. I have reported it A decision was made to limit powerThe next step is to disable blocking. The pause will last until January 8.

Down fail They occurred in the middle of winter, when electricity demand is at its highest. This portends problems in maintaining power reserves at a safe level, that is, it reduces the risk of blackouts – confirms “Business Insider”.

An Enea spokesperson confirms that similar situations have occurred in the past, also during Christmas and New Year’s. Then Block B11 It did not work due to the lack of increasing power demand from Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne.

Polish power grids They hope the weather will help balance out the system and that warming and windmill-driven forecasts will come true. The holiday season is also important, when electricity demand usually drops.

The government encourages Poles to save energy – especially during peak demand hours. This is to allow “reducing the effects of the energy crisis, lowering energy prices and the costs of running the system”. Already in September, a bill discount has been prepared for people who will follow the recommendations. It will be especially well received by people who will consume less electricity in the specified period of time.

During peak hours, energy is most expensive – Repair work is done at that time, and breakdowns occur. In addition, increased electricity consumption during these hours can lead to blackouts.

Peak hours are mainly in the afternoon hours. It can be assumed that these hours fall between 15:00 and 19:00, and these hours will be flexible – confirms Eric Kłossowski, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PSE.

Peak hours: when are they? Then why save electricity and how to do it?

How do you check peak hours? on pages Polish power grids Simple tool available. It follows Peak hours today will fall between 12-13 and 16.

To save money during peak hours, it is worth abandoning their use during peak hours Energy-intensive devices – This for example Vacuum cleaners, ovens, electric heaters and washing machines. Let’s remember Turn off unused devicesSuch as a computer, TV, or unnecessary lighting.

It is also worth changing your habits when it comes to using the equipment.

If, for example, we have it in the kitchen Ceramic plate Use flat bottom cookware for cooking.

if we have induction hob Avoid cooking frozen foods. It is better to defrost it in advance.

Use oven Do not open it while baking. About 5-10 minutes before the end of baking, turn off the oven, because during this time the temperature in the oven will remain at the same level.

when it comes to b RefrigeratorDo not place heat generating devices near it. Hot and warm products should also not be placed in the refrigerator, because three times more electricity will be used to cool them.

Worth investing in dish washer – We will provide both electricity and water. A dishwasher uses at least twice as much hot water as a hand wash. In addition, the dishwasher can be programmed to work when the energy is cheaper (the condition is to use the G12 tariff) – We read on the URE website.

is very Washer It is worth doing programming at a time when energy is cheaper. Try to wash with a full suit. Energy consumption will also be lower at a lower washing temperature.

Furthermore, ERO suggests: Turn off the TV and audio devices Instead of leaving it in “standby” mode, turn off the computer if the computer has not been used for more than a quarter of an hour, use an inkjet printer instead of a laser printer, and replace traditional light bulbs with energy-saving fluorescent bulbs.

It is also worth equipping the house with energy-saving electrical appliances.

How to reduce electricity bills? Practical expert advice

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