December 2, 2022


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Ladybug is open every Sunday?  Unofficial: It's meant to be a readers club.  Signals from the staff

Ladybug is open every Sunday? Unofficial: It’s meant to be a readers club. Signals from the staff

Sunday trading ban makes business more difficult Networks commercial. However, it is possible that one of the largest companies located in Poland will open on Sunday. According to unofficial information Pedronka turned into a reading room.

Selected facilities will be open on all Sundays in August. The guidelines were to be sent to a regional network manager.

Ladybug as a reading room for books? relevant personnel

Employees at the branch that will be converted into a book reading room are expressing their concern. – Earlier, in July, there was a topic of transferring Pedronki to medical facilities. We then laughed that a friend would be sitting at the front desk and another friend would be giving injections on the shelves. But it’s not funny anymore. This is ridiculous. Mocking the Law – v . Comments Interview with “Dzenic and Chudney” A store employee.

Some people just don’t want to agree to work every Sunday. – If they pay us extra for it, but we will only get 1 working day day Free – Anonymous network operator says.

Relationships: Signals from all over the country. It’s not just about clarity

Representatives of unions operating within the network also cited unconfirmed reports. They confirm previous reports that some of the facilities will be medical facilities.

– Signals come from all over Poland. […] From what people say, it won’t just be legible. In some stores, devices are installed with which it is possible to register with specialist doctors – says Gabriela Caem, vice president of NSZZ Solidarność at Jeronimo Martins Polska SA, in an interview with the portal.

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Why are retail chains trying to find it the new Trade ban methods? Regulations were tightened in February. It was also at that time that the first information appeared that some stores could use the creation of a store, for example a reading room, as a gateway to bypass the ban. This is how an Intermarche store announced its opening on Sunday. “We are the readers’ club where you can read, borrow and buy the book. Let’s support the culture!” Advertise the advertisement posted on social media.

Intermarche is no longer a train station. The ban on trading is celebrated as a rental company

The ban on trading was tightened on Sunday. Delivering parcels is no longer enough

Before the tightening of the law, it was sufficient for the facility to accept and deliver postal items. Therefore, most of the retail chains operating in Poland have signed agreements with courier companies or Poczta Polska. After the rules have been tightened, this is no longer enough. new The law establishes the income limits that must be achieved from this type of activity. It must be prevalent.

Do chain stores Ladybug Are they really going to turn into medical facilities or reading rooms? We asked the company’s press office for comment on this matter. We are waiting for the answer.

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