A Quebec Stunt Woman’s Hollywood Dream: “It Can Go Far” – Gabrielle-Anne Dessy

We were able to appreciate his talent X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Terror Train 2 Or even recently in the series Chucky. She also appeared o’, Honorable, 19-2 And Twilight for an Assassin.

But if her name is never at the top of the cinema, it’s because Gabrielle-Anne Dessie has been a professional stuntwoman internationally for 12 years, she said, “hating to learn,” she admitted with a laugh in her interview with the QMI agency earlier this week.

Quebec stuntwoman Gabrielle-Anne Desi was Jennifer Aniston’s understudy on the set of Netflix’s “Murder Mister.”

Photo courtesy of Gabriele-Anne Tessi by Philippe Bosse

Toronto-based Quebecer is, among others, Jennifer Aniston’s tutor Murder mysteryBy Megan Fox Expendables 4 And on Emma Meyer Wednesday.

Difficult beginnings

Now in her thirties, the young woman started her career at the bottom of the ladder at the age of 21.

“Every time I see it [roulottes] Down the street, I’m going to pick up my CV as a production assistant. I started like this; I blocked the streets, cleaned the latrines, swept the broom.

In Greece

Quebec stuntwoman Gabrielle-Anne Dessy on the set of “X-Men: Dark Phoenix.”

Photo courtesy of Gabriele-Anne Tessi by Philippe Bosse

His name began to spread among stunt coordinators, and he met his mentor, karateka Jean Frenet, who went on to great success in the stunt world.

Gabriel-Ann, for her part, practiced Muay Thai, also known as Thai boxing, before taking up Taekwondo. She is also always interested in the cinema she studied. But above all it was in the obstacle race (“Spartan Race”) that he experienced his first professional breakthrough.

In 2018, she participated in the show among others Bootcamp: Intensive Coursepresented on Nuovo’s airwaves, during which, in the finale, she unfortunately ruptured three ligaments, the menisci, in her tibial plateau.

“It really slowed down the start of my career,” he recalls. At the same time, the stuntwoman landed her first contracts on the international scene.

Pressure from mega products

With their monstrous budget that Gabrielle-Anne worked with, the stuntmen were allowed a fair amount of time to create, choreograph and practice the “stunts” before filming. But be careful, once on set, you better be prepared.

In Greece

Quebec stuntwoman Gabrielle-Anne Dessy filmed some of the stunts on the set of the “Lacher Price” series.

Photo courtesy of Gabriele-Anne Tessi

“It costs a lot to get the whole team and all the equipment together, and you don’t want to do that multiple times. In the big sets everything is programmed to be real top level It has to be shot in one take,” explained the stunt woman.

“On low-budget sets, your responsibility as a stuntman is to be ready for any event, with no training time allotted,” he added, stressing that the ability to take first is a considerable asset to their reputation.

In addition to their physical skills, stunt performers must know how to act and perform with finesse. “I once did a stunt deal where I was walking down the street with my baby (a 30-pound model), and got hit by a car during the apocalypse. I had to mourn the death of my son and be dragged into it and cry again,” Gabrielle-Anne said. He wants to see more successors in this field.

“Nowadays it’s so easy to film yourself and show what you can do. I think there needs to be more young Quebecers who dream of doing this job, because it is possible to break through,” he pointed out, adding that the demand for stuntmen from different backgrounds is growing. And stronger.

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