The Maternal Role: An Infinite Source of Love and Miracles

Yesterday, almost everyone took time out to celebrate Mother’s Day with family and friends.

Our mother is perhaps the most important person in our lives, a beacon in the night, an unconditional love, an assurance of grace.

Celebrate and celebrate

There are two occasions to celebrate on Mother’s Day: The first is the mother figure. A mother, a grandmother, a foster mother, in short a woman who helped shape the person you became. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a significant mother figure in the positive sense of the word, but it’s important to recognize and celebrate this opportunity when possible.

A second occasion for celebration is when you become a mother. Obviously, our children will want to celebrate us and mark this day, and that’s fine. But the first person you need to pat yourself on the back for is yourself.

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These days, being a mother means juggling without the possibility of dropping a ball. Your brain is constantly working to predict, plan and organize. Being a mother is a very important role in today’s world where we have to play different roles: work as if we don’t have children, mother as if we don’t work.

Being a mother today means constantly wondering if you are doing enough for one or the other, which means feeling guilty and bad, which means questioning yourself, doing your best, and doing miracles.

Being a mother today means being the director of the Department of Family Miracles and always succeeding in getting through it. Being a mother today is a full-time job with mandatory overtime.

But there is no mother who regrets this role. This is a lifetime role.

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