“Infamia”, or how to get out of the trap of gypsy traditions [RECENZJA]

“You insulted us! You insulted us! Damn Enfamia” – with these words the first episode of the series begins. We see a girl shave her entire head, then a smiling cyclist speeds along the green hills of Wales. The ominous words in the title will reverberate throughout the story. Disgrace means loss of honor and good reputation. What happened to the heroine and what is the whole plot? We will find out by watching the eight-episode series.

“Infamia” tells the story of a gypsy teenager. After years spent with her parents in Wales, Gita returns to Poland. Her world is turned upside down. The girl must answer the question of whether she is a loyal gypsy, because as a result of her parents’ arrangements, she has been sold as a wife to a wealthy Czech gypsy. The deal aims to save the parents from financial problems and to ensure a return to society.

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