Paulina Sekut-Je¿yna celebrated her 41st birthday.  Shown party and evening wear.  All in sequins

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Paulina Sekut- Jeżyna On Friday January 7, she celebrated her 41st birthday and threw a party. However, it did not happen in her house, but in a luxurious rented apartment. The announcer reported part of the event on Instagram. She was accompanied by more than ten people. She also showed off her bright outfit for the evening.

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Paulina Sekut-Jeżyna showed her daughter’s room. looks like a catalog

Paulina Sekut-Jeżyna explained how she celebrated her birthday. Evening clothes are all in gold

The announcer decided to avoid “standing by the pots” and let someone else set up the party for her. With her family and friends, she celebrated in a large apartment in one of the luxury HotelsWhere everything was waiting for her.

You have just entered a converted apartment. I’m not ready yet, but look how beautiful it is here, everything is ready. Fantastic – she said on InstaStories.

worm Also some pictures of you wearing a Christmas costume. She chose a shiny gold set consisting of a jacket, higher On the shoulder straps, shorts and a scarf around the neck. Creativity is a perfect match for a carnival that’s just getting started. On Instagram, she also posted a video of the party from the moment the cake was brought to the apartment. The orange cake was decorated with cotton candy and two torches were set off in honor of the birthday girl. The presenter of the program received many gifts and flowers from the guests. On her Instagram, there were many wishes from stars And the fans. Not only did they wish a lot of luck, they rained Paulina too Sicot – Jenny compliments.

Mrs. Polina, these numbers should probably be in reverse. You look flowery.

I think it was supposed to be 21. In your case, age is just a number. Looks great! – Internet hung.

Paulina Sekut-Jesina's 41st birthday cakePaulina Sekut-Jesina’s 41st birthday cake Photo:

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We are also joining the Christmas Wishes.

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