Indexing of pensions in November and December 2022. How much money will retirees have?  Most recent gross and net accounts on November 18, 2022

Pensions indexing November and December 2022 What amounts will affect the accounts of retirees? In 2022, pension benefits will be increased twice. See what the gross/net accounts are. After the March index, the rates of pensions paid have changed. In connection with the tax reform of the Polish deal, income tax will not be deducted from pensions, but only income tax will be deducted. See what the 2022 pension calculation schedule looks like.

Retirees do not have to apply for benefit indexing. Each retiree will receive a decision from the ZUS on the new amount of his benefit. Remember, the data is indicative, and you’ll know the final amounts at the beginning of next year. The amounts are calculated by the Social Insurance Institution.

New pension account. Old Gross Pension x Index 2022 (7%) = New Gross Pension.

Pensions link 2023.

As every year, the government must reassess pensions and pensions, which always takes place in March. The increases next year will be a record. The reason is high inflation, which has remained at a double-digit level for months. According to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics on September 14, 2022, the price increase accelerated to 17.2% year on year.

The cost of indexing pensions and pension payments 13 and 14 this year is about PLN 43 billion. The comparison alone cost the budget PLN 14.7 billion.

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