Go Sport advances in Poland.  Suppliers cut off cooperation

“Puls Biznesu” writes that The invasion of Ukraine not only led to official sanctions. Customers boycott companies that have Russian capital or continue to do business in Russia.

Companies suspend their cooperation with Go Sport

“It turns out that Suppliers are turning their backs on them too. This is being tested, among other things, by Go Sport, which since 2019 belongs to the Singapore-based company Sportmaster Operations, which is controlled by three Russians – brothers Nikolai, Vladimir Vartoszniak and Dmitriy Dougchin. In early March, they decided to put the Go Sport on sale– Remember the newspaper.

The rest of the text is below the video.

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According to the magazine, this announcement did not solve the problems of the company, which stopped cooperating with it and other InPost – the parcel machine operator terminated his contract in March. The company RL Media, which deals, among other things, with the positioning of the brand, did a similar thing. 49 percent of its stock is owned by RL Investments, a subsidiary of Robert Lewandowski.

At the beginning of March, PR agency Big Picture also decided to separate from Go Sport. Another service provider that has decided to abandon Go Sport is the IT company NetFormers. Cooperation was also suspended by the Polish arm of the Japanese company Trend Micro, which specializes in the production of security software.

“+ PB + receives information about the severance of relations with the chain of stores by at least two main suppliers of products sold there. However, we could not officially confirm it” – wrote “Puls Biznesu”.

“At the moment, both sides – our partners and business partners from different sectors in Poland – are talking about cooperation and its rules in connection with the sale of the company (…)” – informed Justyna Rzymńska, General Manager of Go Sport Polska . She emphasized that the most important thing now was to ensure the safety and care of all employees.

Boycott is not just slogans

As the bank’s analysts point out, war in ukraine It significantly increased consumer concerns about the future financial condition of the family and the economy as a whole. Both indices fell to their lowest levels since April 2020. 40% of respondents said that in the next 12 months they will spend much less than the previous year.

“The data shows that the outlook for retail sales is deteriorating – in theory, consumers’ financial health is improving, but there are growing concerns about making the expenditures big, Uncertainty about the future is also increasing– PKO BP analysts convince.



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