Canadian players can wear skirts!

Last September, the Canadian military put an end to “systemic barriers linked to gender.”

Military men and women no longer have to conform to a “tough” physical appearance.

Men (or rather: men with a penis) now have long hair, earrings, false eyelashes (the list of new terms says black on white), nail polish and a skirt.

But no high heels.

Can they wear bras?

Perhaps, because nothing forbids it.

In short, GI Joe could wear Barbie’s wardrobe.

Submachine guns and false eyelashes

Yes I know.

It’s a hell of a change.

Gotta get used to it.

But you must be – we are told – your time.

Even though the thought of seeing a military man in lipstick, false eyelashes, and a skirt shakes my coconut (can’t wait for Chanel and Sephora to sponsor the next Clint Eastwood movie), I try to watch. The cosmopolitan glass is half full rather than half empty.

When you are in a war, the important thing is to win.

If your best shooter is wearing Selima Gomez’s latest lipstick and it helps him feel better about himself and therefore perform better, go for it!

Ah, my daughter!

Ah, non-binary!


Tomorrow, if the Canadiens start winning all their games thanks to a player wearing false eyelashes, I’m sure the entire Bell Center will be dancing the mambo with Maddo Lamott.

As Gilbert Bécaud sang: “The important thing is the cup”…

Even the worst KKK dingoes were falling for Michael Jordan…

And then, as for the skirt, have you seen? BraveheartWith Mel Gibson?

About the Scottish warrior William Wallace?

The guy may be walking around in a skirt, but he’s got pants on his forehead!

Even John Wayne would have been relieved to see the British being chopped with an axe.

As someone else said, the uniform does not make the warrior.

Just because a guy on the battlefield wears Bowett’s men’s pants doesn’t mean he won’t be shaking in his pants.

  • Listen to Richard Martineau’s commentary on Isabelle Marechal’s microphone

Give me your color

Then, with makeup and tattoos (which are now allowed in the Canadian military, even on the face), Maori warriors make Zombie Boy look like a brute.

Apaches don’t wear makeup when they go to war?

Yes, I know, their makeup doesn’t have the same meaning that Gilda wore when she finished her ass at Casa Loma or Mogambo, but, hey, a Embarrassingly It is a Embarrassingly

Do you think Zelensky would tell Ukraine’s top soldier to stay home if he wanted to feel the wind gently patting his “cojones” under his skirt as he reloaded his AK-47?

He would tell him: “Come on, if you let us bring Wladimir to his knees, we’ll buy you a complete set of Oscar de la Renta!” »

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