Slovak trade unionists took to the street.  They are asking the government to fight inflation

boss union Trade Union (KOZ) Monica Olerova said so The government must push for solutions that will help families, businesses, and public institutions. It also made an additional purely unionist assumption Night work and weekend payy whose level the government froze two years ago.

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“Worker from Slovakia, beggar in Europe”

It was pointed out during the demonstrations that the authorities in other European countries are helping their citizens by reducing the value-added tax on energy carriers. It was also emphasized that Low wages in Slovakia push many people into the poverty line when they reach retirement age. The government was urged to clarify what households, businesses and public institutions can expect in the coming months as a result of higher energy prices.

The demonstrators carried whistles, banners and placards with slogans: “Worker from Slovakia, beggar in Europe” or “Freeze prices, not people.”. The head of Czech trade unions, Josef Strzidola, contacted the protesters in Bratislava via an internet connection. He stressed that the situation of people in the Czech Republic is identical and that the government is asleep rather than helping individuals and businesses.

The Czechs are protesting the high prices and the government. They are asking for regulation

During the demonstration, there was talk of price hikes and Very high, more than 17% inflation. There have been calls for price regulation.

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