Gisela Valcárcel: "If they were from the heart, they were well received," Eric Elera said after Gisela Valcárcel apologized |  Alison Pastor |  Queens of the show |  Views

Actor and singer, Accepted the TV presenter’s apology, Presented to his wife last Saturday on the live broadcast of the show ‘Queens of the Show’ The one who left the show after realizing the awkwardness.

Gisela Valcárcel At one point on the show he went to Alison Pastor to apologize, he promised He had nothing against her because she had prepared everything for him to be happy.

If any of my words have hurt you, it’s okay if I say it right, I apologize. That’s why he called you. If at any time this song makes you or your family feel bad, please forgive meWalkercell said.

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Following his statements, Eric Elera’s followers responded to a post by the actor on his Instagram account, There he posted photos with Alison and her children.

One of his disciples questioned the sincerity of his words However, Elera made it clear that her apologies were well received by the TV presenter.

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We never want problems, we will continue in that position, in fact if they came from the heart, if they were well received, my admiration and respect for that woman would remain the sameThe actor responded from “neighborhood page”.

For the same reason, be honest or it won’t be in it because I always believe in the good of people“, The singer added.

Eric Elera (Photo: Instagram erickeleraofficial)

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