Improving the widow's pension.  They will change the quotas and rules

Currently, after the death of a spouse, a widow or widower must decide whether they want to receive their own pension or a survivor's pension. Widows usually stay with their interest because it is higher. Widows often receive a survivor's pension. Although it is 85 percent. The deceased's pension, because it is usually more financially beneficial for them (women usually get lower pensions).

But how do you maintain an apartment or house and pay the bills with less than one pension, when until recently there were two benefits? Widows and widowers have been demanding changes to regulations for years, but successive governments have been unwilling to address the problem. The matter was taken into their own hands by trade unionists from OPZZ, who collected signatures on the citizens' bill offering widows' pensions and presented it to the House of Representatives in the previous term.

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