The merger of Orlen and Lotos was delayed.  Patience of the Law and Justice Party is losing patience.  It may or may not be opacity

Until a month ago, it looked like a fusion Orlin With lotus It is basically a formality. At the general meeting of the Lotus Group, the idea was voted on in favor of the remedial measures required by the European Commission. On November 12, new information emerged showing that companies need more time, although Orlin stresses that the merger schedule will not change.

The European Commission has postponed the submission of countermeasures until January 14, 2022. The process of merging PKN ORLEN and LOTOS will be formally completed according to the schedule in the first half of 2022

– on w PKN Orlen’s latest ad. The new date is the result of the necessity to conclude the negotiation process with the partners with whom it is in talks on the implementation of the so-called countermeasures. It concerns antitrust activities. Orlen must sell some of the company’s assets before the merger. It’s as much as 30 percent. Refineries 80% of their plants are part of their logistics infrastructure.

Our goal is to select business partners who will ensure energy security and the dynamic development of connected companies. We are in the final stage directly leading to the signing of contracts with partners.

– said PKN Orlen President, Daniel Obajtek, Quoted in the statement. as Onet confirms There are simply no people willing to buy at the price suggested by Orlen.

Daniel Obajtik: We do not want to sell the Lotus to the Russians

Obajtek’s position weakens

As the portal claims, there is growing concern in the PiS about the lack of results work Daniel Obajtik. Law and Justice recently summoned Chief Orlin to the carpet, where he had to explain the progress of the work. However, Pcim’s former mayor position has allegedly been weakening for months. Doubts about the possessions of Obajtek, which Gazeta Wyborcza repeatedly described, were supposed to have contributed to this.

With a sewing businesswoman.  How Daniel Obajtek's mother paid 800,000 PLN cashWith a sewing businesswoman. How Daniel Obajtek’s mother paid 800,000 PLN cash

According to Wirtualna Polska, the head of Orlen is the owner or co-owner, among other things the hotelA mansion, three houses, two apartments, an apartment and about 19 hectares of land. Journalists of the entire royal portal of the Obajtek family estimated it at 35 million PLN. And they are only within themselves Real estate.

It was Lotus’ merger with Orlean that saved his complexion. At the time, Obagtec argued that media “attacks” would have caused the merger to fail, and the text was written in Cyrillic.

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a. Nałęcz regarding PiS’s flirtation with Bkiewicz: this is an alliance and completely formal

There is a belief in Pis that a failure of the merger will be the end of the current Orlen administration. People associated with Mateusz Morawiecki, including Michal Kochimirovsky, current head of the State Strategic Reserves Agency.

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