Holidays 2023. How much do holidays on the Polish sea cost?  mathematical calculations

30 zlotys for a deck chair, corn for 15 zlotys, lunch for 73, and for a waffle with whipped cream you have to pay up to 23 zlotys. – We laugh that in a few years you will have to buy waffles for snacks, because that’s how everything rises, – says an employee of a catering stall by the sea. Anna Kowalska, a tourist from Warsaw, estimated that “five hundred zlotys a day would go very easily.” How much do holidays on the Polish sea cost? Łukasz Wieczorek’s article from TVN24 magazine “Polska i Świat”.

TVN24 reporter Łukasz Wieczorek examined how much money we need to spend one day at the seaside.

Holiday by the sea: everything goes up

We can buy corn on the beach for PLN 15. If we wanted to lie on the beach, the employee who rented the sunbeds said it cost 50 PLN, of which 20 PLN is a deposit. He also noted that there were more tourists on the beach than in the previous year.

We can easily buy waffles and ice cream on the beach. Sweet shops everywhere. Small snowflakes cost PLN 9. We’ll buy a cake for the same price, but without the toppings. An employee of the gastronomic point explained that prices start at PLN 9, and for the most expensive, with whipped cream, fruit and topping, we will pay PLN 23.

– We laugh here by the sea that in a few years you will have to buy pancakes for snacks, because everything goes uphill, – confirmed another employee of the catering stall.

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The number of tourists is reduced by a third

The entrance to the lighthouse also costs more than a year ago, because the ticket price has increased from PLN 9 to PLN 12. Andrzej Włochy, the lighthouse keeper, estimated that there are currently a third fewer tourists.

– It took up to an hour to get in, an hour and a half to get in, and now it’s up to date – it explained the situation on the Polish seashore.

Miroslaw Kubica has been leasing the bikes for four years. He didn’t raise prices himself, the first hour of renting a bike costs PLN 20, and the next hour costs PLN 5. In his opinion, “prices scare people away.” He owns 40 bicycles, of which only two are rented.

– She’s really weak. You have to go abroad and earn extra money, he said in an interview with TVN24.

“500 zlotys a day will go very easily.”

A toilet on the beach costs four zlotys, a souvenir magnet for eight zlotys, and a Ferris wheel for 30 zlotys. Anna Kowalska, a tourist from Warsaw, estimated that “500 zlotys a day would go very easily.”

– If there are four of us only lunch and dinner and one hundred zlotys for one child. How can we not want to save children, right? She said, we don’t want that.

Summary of expenses per person: parking 25 zlotys, lunch 73.20 zlotys, Ferris wheel 30 zlotys, lighthouse 12 zlotys, Italian ice 11 zlotys, sunbed rental 30 zlotys. Total PLN 181,20,000 PLN This is the cost of one day for one person and most importantly – without accommodation.

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Main image source: PAP/Marcin Bilicki

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