“I’m out of my head. We are an awful desert.”  Tomasz Cwiecka spoke about the Polish coaches

Tomasz Ćwiąkała shared his observations about the Polish coaches. “We complain about the players, but we live in such an awful desert when it comes to coaches that it’s almost impossible – wrote the journalist of the channel “CANAL + Sport” on Twitter.

The future of Goncalo Feu became clear on Tuesday. The Portuguese – despite the attack on Paweł Tomczyk, who ended up in the hospital – kept his job as coach of Motor Lublin. We wrote about it here.

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Tomasz Cwiecka referred to the club’s owner Zbigniew Garubas’ decision. The journalist of “Canal + Sport” also commented on the situation regarding the Polish coaches.

– He killed one of the richest Poles for the sake of a young Portuguese who harmed the president at the very beginning of his career. Santos was supposed to choose two Polish assistants, and the two suggested incompatibility and there is a void. What an absurd poverty among the coaches, not commensurate with the mind – he wrote.

– After all, Daud Chulcek, after working at Warta, should get 17 proposals from the Ekstraklasa, five from more ambitious clubs from the First League and one from Perpetual. We complain about the players, but we live in a terrible desert when it comes to coaches, and it’s almost impossible – peace.

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