The Italians are happy with Melek.  Football "A Fairy Tale, Providence Man"

Arcadius Melek He does not stop admiring his position in the colors of Juventus. The striker made his debut for FC Torino in match The third round of the Italian League with Roma, and in the next match he scored his first goals. pole added time The match against Spezia gave the team a 2-0 victory. He scored another hit in the fifth round match with Fiorentina.

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Italian media praises Arcadius Milik again

Milik also showed a very good squad in Wednesday’s match with Benfica. The 28-year-old opened the match score in the fourth minute and gave his team the lead. Unfortunately, only players from Lisbon came later, namely Joao Mario and David Neres. Thus, Juventus lost 1: 2 and scored a second defeat in the Champions League.

He’s no better in Serie A either. Juventus were unbeaten this season, but they won only two matches and drew the rest. It’s only eighth on the table. On Sunday, he will play away against last-placed Monza. Italian media said that the task of Massimiliano Allegri, coach of Juventus, hangs on the line. And he could be saved by Melek, who, according to the portal, cut off the path “from reinforcement to a providential man.” “football He presents us with another fairy tale, Arik Milik’s fairy tale: from the reserve striker to the lifeboat of the Juventus ship, which is in danger of sinking ”- we read in the text.

The Italian VAR referees made a strange mistake and canceled the goal of Arkadiusz MilikThe lawyer issued an ultimatum in Serie A after Milik’s unacknowledged goal. The suit is ready

Milik was brought in by Juventus as a replacement for Dusan Vlahovic, but the Pole won his first squad alongside the Serbian. “Allegri She clings to her “lifeboat”. Melica, who came to Juventus as a backup striker at the end of the window, so there’s no big fuss, turned out to be Juve’s providence man. With the invisible Vlahovic and other fouls, it was the Polish himself, who scored three goals in six matches, and tried to plug some leaks in the Juve ship hull, thus avoiding sinking already in this part of the season ”- he wrote.

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