What time is it to ski jump in Engelberg today?

Four of the five Whites and Reds players made it through Friday’s qualifiers. The highest and seventh was Piotr Żyła, who jumped 137.5 m and obtained 161.9 points.

Żyła’s jump from qualifying to compete in Engelberg

“Good foundation before competition”

21. Davut Kubacki won 151.7 points after jumping to a height of 133.5 m, 22. Kamil Stoč achieved 131.5 m and 150.4 points, 29. Pawel Wisek 129.5 m and 145.1 points, 54. Maciej Kut, who went out with 113m and 118.9 points.

The winner of the heat was Anże Laniszek who jumped 135.5 meters and scored 170.9 points. Second place went to German Andreas Fellinger. He landed at a height of 133 meters and lost 3.8 points to the Slovenian.


Lanescu’s leap from qualifying for the competition in Engelberg

-It was a good foundation before the competition. I didn’t see any major mistakes from the players who qualified. We are still trying to stabilize. Especially when it comes to technical details – coach Thomas Turnbichler summed up the Poles’ performance.


Thurnbichler after qualifying for the competition in Engelberg

Ski Jumping Engelberg 2023. What time does the competition start on Saturday?

It is broadcast on TVN, Eurosport 1 and Eurosport Extra in the player. Live coverage and results on EURPSPROT.PL.

Ski Jumping World Cup schedule in Engelberg:

Sunday 17 December:
14.15 – Qualifiers (Eurosport 1, Eurosport Extra in Player)
16.00 – First Competition Series (TVN, Eurosport 1, Eurosport Extra in Player)

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