“I'm living in a bit of hell”: Christina Applegate opens up about her multiple sclerosis

In a touching interview with Good morning America, Christina Applegate has opened up about her new reality after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2021.

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“I'm living in a bit of hell […]But yes, the support is amazing,” Christina Applegate recently told Robin Roberts in an interview. Good Morning America Along with her friend Jamie-Lynn Sigler, 42, she lives with the disease.

“My symptoms started in early 2021 and it was tingling in my toes.” While filming the final season death to me In the summer of the same year, the condition of the actress significantly worsened. “I was brought to the set in a wheelchair. I couldn't walk that far,” said Christina Applegate, who believes she lived with the disease for nearly six to seven years before her diagnosis.

After confirming that she actually had the disease, Christina Applegate saw her life change drastically. His friend Lance Bass introduced him to actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler, 42. The Sopranos. He unhesitatingly gave his support to Christina Applegate.

This new friendship led to the creation of the podcast, among other things Messi, which does not focus solely on disease. “Multiple sclerosis binds us, but it's not about us. It's a starting point for a conversation about how to get through something difficult,” Jamie-Lynn Sigler said in a recent magazine interview. People.

“It's about honesty. It's okay to be scared. It's okay to be angry,” Christina Applegate said.

By agreeing to participate in her first shoot in four years People With her friend, Christina Applegate said: “I wouldn't have made it today without her.”

“For the past five days, I've been crying, 'I have to cancel.' I was just thinking about it all yesterday. Touching up, makeup and hair, to talk about it, it's giving me a grip. The weird positions, the shoes, the people, the noise, the weather I can't control. .it goes through my head and I want to go back to my bed and watch Naked and scared“, explained Christina Applegate People.

A standing ovation at the Emmy Awards

Christina Applegate moved people — and made people laugh! — more than one with a rare public appearance to present an award at the Emmy Awards in January.

After a long standing ovation, the highly emotional star addressed the crowd with a joke we all know so well.

“God, you're making me feel ashamed of my disability by standing up,” she quipped. “You don't have to clap every time I do.”

Christina Applegate said she didn't know her role death to me He received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in November.

refrain Messi Available on March 19.

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