This Spring on TVA: “If We Still Loved Each Other” and “A Zoo Like No Other”

Émily Bégin and Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge will meet Louis Cigoin next month. If we still loved each otherIt will air Monday through Thursday, April 29, on TVA.

The channel, which released its spring schedule on Tuesday, will air a behind-the-scenes special in the coming weeks. Get me out of here! (June 9), entitled Andrean A. Mallet's new music Campfire (June 9) as well as Marthe Lavertière's innovation, Planting with Marthe (June 10).

In the 6th seasonA zoo like no other, premiering April 8, Emily, Cliff and Lloyd fly to Thailand to celebrate the Miller Zoo's 10th anniversary. While the Kodiaks are entitled to new enclosures inspired by landscapes found in British Columbia, new residents will make their debut.

Place Autistic, early

Then, the rest of the series Autism, early adulthood, Autistic, now an adult And Autism, love and friendship Airing June 13 on TVA. Fourth Term of Ownership, Title Autistic, earlyThis time will follow families in their efforts to get an autism diagnosis.

Also, a new documentary series about the Montreal Alouettes premiering April 11 will allow viewers to step inside the locker room and get up close and personal with the 110th Gray Cup champion team.

In addition to documentaries revisiting the lives of Lise Dion and Yvon Deschamps, TVA will air a new season of cooking competitions this spring and summer. Tree heads (2 April), 3, 2, 1 BBQ (9 April), Restaurant (June 4) and The best pastry chef in Quebec (July 1).

TVA will also offer many programs taken from the Vrai platform, esp My significant numbers (April 4), in which the comedians revisit some of their numbers with Jean-Michel Unctil, Large cooked items (April 14) and in my head (June 20).

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