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One of the most important soap operas of all time. ““, Which has aired in more than 180 countries..

Questions and Answers: How much do you know about the ugly box I have?

Starred in the show Ana Maria Orosco and George Enrique Apollo, With hostile participation Natalia Ramares, Lorna Bass, Louis Mesa and Julian Arango, The project before and after their careers.

By “I’m the ugly box” Dozens of international artists who appeared in special episodes in important episodes passed away. One of them is a Venezuelan actress Scarlet Artis, The giver of life Alejandra JingThe sexy woman who tried to impress the president of Egomota. The actress recently made headlines revealing that she died due to medical negligence. Find everything below.

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Alejandra Singh, a stunning Venezuelan, came to Egomoda with the intention of buying the company’s ownership to set up a sales outlet in his country (Photo: RCN)

Scarlett Artis contract Govt-19

‘S wife Yule Barclay, The giver of life Scarlet Artis, He said on his social networks that he was infected with the corona virus and was close to dying due to the bad habits of a health worker. After she received the first dose of the vaccine, she began to feel unwell and a test was performed in favor of her and her close circle, including her husband.

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Artis points out that his health is deteriorating as he is unable to walk normally (Photo: Instagram / Scarlett Artis)
Artis points out that his health is deteriorating as he is unable to walk normally (Photo: Instagram / Scarlett Artis)

Clinical Flexibility

The 47-year-old Venezuelan only presented strong symptoms in her family, so she went to a specialist to treat her difficulty in breathing; However, the doctor told her that her complaints were normal and that she should go home to rest.

Artis Since he could not walk normally and his health was bad, he decided to get a second opinion. The actress went to another health center, where tests revealed she had pneumonia in both lungs and was immediately admitted to hospital.

The result is dangerous

Thank you for following your instincts and not staying with the first doctor’s recommendation, Scarlet She was able to return home safely; If you return as indicated at the beginning, the result will be different. This is a clear medical malpractice case, fortunately not ending in death.

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