Matthew Roy had a unique sweater to mark Gino Chouinard’s departure from Salute Bonjour.

The countdown is on as Gino Chouinard exits the animation hello hello Within a few weeks.

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In fact, as you know, the beloved anchor, who has worked daily in the morning since the summer of 2002, will leave the helm of the program on June 21.

Remember that he himself made the decision to focus on other projects: “I felt I had to leave when I loved the show. It all demands me. I’m not like that at home. So, this is the request I made,” he said, broadcasting himself at the end of 2022.

If the team hello hello So enjoy his last moments with his friend and anchor, web and social media columnist Matthew Roy He took it further by writing a sweater Thank you and good byeWith a diagram Gino Soinard.

Check out the photo he shared story Instagram:

It can be mentioned that Eve-Marie Lordi Who will take over? hello hello Since the fall, she has been S’s partnerHello weekend For about twenty years.

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