A secret app reserved for the world’s biggest fortunes

Did you know there is a secret app that only the richest people on the planet have access to?

The stage called Miria launched in the last few months and reveals that it is gradually becoming an indispensable tool for the global economic elite New York Post.

Currently, the app has less than 100 users. Another 500 people are on the waiting list to become subscribers. Creator Miria It hopes to reach a plateau of 1000 members by the end of 2024.

First, its access is by invitation only, after an in-depth review of your profile and a payment of over 40,000 Canadian dollars. Next, there is a net worth check and a panel interview.

“Everybody is on Miria Very important and very successful. “The average income of our members is about $800 million,” says Ray Flemings, creator of the application.

In addition to being admired by powerful CEOs, MiriaUsed by celebrities, athletes and royalty.

Ray Flemings/Miria via The New York Post

This app is primarily used to connect its wealthy members with product or service providers who do not do business with the general public.

Miria It can serve as an alternative to Airbnb by allowing you to rent a spacious mansion located in Italy that is not available on any other platform.

Members can get their hands on front row seats at sporting events, galas or shows.

Creator Miria A wealthy customer has already managed to find ninth row seats to the Oscars in less than 24 hours. He sat next to none other than Jeff Bezos.

A user recently decided at the last minute that he wanted to visit Machu Picchu and used the app to find a fancy place to stay. Another was looking for a surf instructor and security guard to travel to Costa Rica.

Members Miria They can write directly to the application team to find the product or service they want.

Ray Flemings/Miria via The New York Post

The application allows its users to communicate with each other.

“I’m having a big dinner party on September 6th,’ or ‘I have extra seats on my flight from New York to Los Angeles, and if anybody wants to, they can invite each other to all kinds of things. Come join us?'” Ray Flemings notes.

The latter, who has been in the music industry for a long time, has built a solid portfolio that includes many stars. He now uses his connections to connect huge fortunes with celebrities in the world of art, food or fashion.

Members, in addition to interacting with stars or models Miria They are often interested in accessing special experiences rather than luxury items.

App users are less interested in fancy cars or expensive watches because their possessions are so abundant that they no longer understand them.

Ray Flemings/Miria via The New York Post

“If you can buy everything, things become meaningless. People start looking for meaning in experiences, not in things,” says Flemings.

While an ordinary person buys a printed version of a work, a rich person prefers to buy the original. member MiriaFor its part, it seeks instead to receive a study on a private island provided by the artist who painted the canvas.

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