Kenny Omega talks about his backstage feud with CM Punk

As recently mentioned in Catch-Newz, Kenny Omega has been very active on Twitch while awaiting his return to AEW.

During his last stream this weekend, the subject of All Out's behind-the-scenes feud between The Elite and CM Punk's clan was addressed. Kenny Omega, as the director, says he wanted to create a peaceful environment, but CM Punk could only save the dog:

“I think my role as a director in All Out is to involve myself in chaos and transform it into a calm environment. I was able to create a calm environment for the most important person in this conflict, Larry (CM Bunk's dog). I swear, it's funny, but I see animals as the most important creatures in my life. So getting the truck out of there was the most important thing and it was successful.

Unfortunately, things were too messy for me to fix the situation myself. I think that's when I realized that the ways I like to deal with things aren't always the same for other people. […] Not the way the boss wanted to handle it. And I consider myself responsible, I don't want to say old school, because I do a lot of combat sports, jiu-jitsu, boxing, martial arts. I know that sometimes when everything is on the line when you're acting or fighting, you're giving your soul and your heart to something, you're in a moment of great stress or anxiety, and your energy is empty.

In such an environment, sometimes emotions take over and people want to fight. I think sometimes the best way to solve problems is to fight and shake hands. This is why I should not be appointed as a director in 2024, but I think it will be useful at times,” he said.

As Kenny Omega points out, sometimes it's interesting to struggle to get everything out and out. He adds that it's not a question of being the best or that such events surface on social networks.

But that's not all, Kenny Omega also spoke about his relationship with CM Punk and confirmed that all is going well on that front:

About CM Bunk. It is mutual respect. We talked. It's not as if all is well now. Due to a very different factor, the all out argument is not talked about. But there is no problem between me and him, at least as far as I know.''

Omega concludes that there is a legal aspect, that he can't tell everything, and even if he doesn't, he doesn't want to talk about it. He likes to keep such a personal story private.

The full piece can be found here:

Photo credit: AEW

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