If you’re disappointed by Konopski’s film, that’s not the end.  Hardly anyone noticed

Many people expected the video to feature a lot of screaming YouTubers that no one has heard of. Expectations were huge, because Wardęga himself had written about strong material.

As many people say, Wardęga’s material was a kind of advertisement, while Konopski’s film was a development and supplement. There aren’t many new titles, but new screenshots and themes have been added.

However, if you are disappointed in some way, it is not the end. There are little details in this movie that most people miss. This is not the end – writes Konop himself.

not finished yet

There’s a chance this movie is just the beginning. It is not known how many titles remain hidden in the shadows. In addition, new topics appear every day that were not mentioned in the article. Konop added things that are difficult to dispute. He left no room for interpretation. But there are a lot of questionable things on the Internet.

Therefore, it is no surprise that I added this text at the end:

“It’s not the end of the game :)”

It is very likely that another part will appear, perhaps touching on the surnames of people that no one knows about yet, or that a somewhat narrow group knows about. There’s no girls’ theme here, no Minecraft YouTuber who was supposed to be writing with boys, etc. Maybe there will be time for all this.

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