Jennifer Garner returns as Elektra!  In “Deadpool 3”!
Marvel continues to blend heroes from across its cinematic offerings. We just learned that Jennifer Garner has joined the cast of Deadpool 3. The actress will play the role of… Electra.

Jennifer Garner has been returning to the role for two decades

The actress knows this character very well. She played herself in the 2003 movie Daredevil. At the time, the title character was Ben Affleck. The project was created for 20th Century Fox, a studio that Disney bought in 2019.

The studio was so pleased with Garner and her character that they decided to make a spin-off/sequel. Thus, Garner was one of the first women who could boast of a starring role in a comic book show.

Unfortunately, “Electra” was poorly received by viewers. Budgeted at $65 million, the film grossed only $24.4 million in the United States and another $32.4 million in other countries. Only three Marvel comic book adaptations have made less money at the worldwide box office (“The Punisher: Warzone” – 10.2 million dollars, “Howard the Duck” – 16.3 million, New Mutants – 44.6 million).

Advertisement for the movie “Electra”

Will Deadpool make fun of the multiverse?

Elektra is the next character from other 20th Century Fox comics to appear in the show after Wolverine “Deadpool 3”. And according to rumors circulating on the web, it may not be the last.

Since plot details are being kept under wraps, we don’t know if Garner’s involvement means we’ll be dealing with the comic book multiverse again. However, given the nature of the “Deadpool” series, it cannot be ruled out that it may be a meta-commentary on the current fashion of the multiverse. The more The star of the show is Ryan Reynolds, who most recently played Jennifer Garner in the Netflix production “Project AdamA.” The picture was directed by Shawn Levy… who is also behind the camera on “Deadpool 3.”

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