I think this would be a scandal

Dariusz Wieczorek commented on ZET Radio Yesterday's hearing of the former head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, Mariusz Kaminski, by the parliamentary investigation committee into the visa scandal. – When I listened to this, I saw from my Ministry that this is something else that perhaps this committee and the Attorney General's Office should explain. That is, the process of issuing visas for…
students, who did not come to Poland at all, went somewhere in the European Union. The minister said: “I think this will be a scandal.”

This led to the establishment of false universities that did not actually care about science, but rather only sought to attract foreign students who applied to them. Such a student says: “I'm going to some university, and I don't even remember its name, and I don't know the language, but I go and get a visa because I'm a student.” Often they did not even attend these universities. And they were going somewhere in the world – Wieczorek admitted.

PM: This would be a scandal

– This action was done. Anyway, I see it today and I can say that, because there are a lot of applications from some universities whose names I can't even remember. He added that they are advertising recruitment and applying to the Ministry of Interior and Administration and the Ministry of Science to obtain permission to accept foreign students.

Wieczorek emphasized that he is working with the head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration to bridge and fix this gap. We have a working team working to shut down this system for two months
Visa scandals Announce in relation to students.

When asked how many people reached Poland in this way, he said: – I think several tens of thousands of people. Over several years.

Source: Radio Zeit

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