Artificial intelligence could help women with cancer

Use by scientists and doctors is becoming more common artificial intelligence. Despite numerous concerns about the inappropriate use of artificial intelligence, algorithms are increasingly being used in the development of medicine.

As scientists explain in a scientific article published in the prestigious scientific journal “Natural Medicine,” The tissue evaluation performed by the AI ​​was certainly more accurate than the evaluation performed by experienced physicians.

currently PathologistsTo choose the appropriate treatment method and determine the degree of malignancy of the cancer, they evaluate the appearance of the breast tissue under a microscope. This process has remained essentially unchanged for several decades. Accuracy is essential when choosing the duration and intensity of chemotherapy, which in turn is associated with side effects.

Scientists have proven this in their research The appearance of non-cancerous cells No less important is the appearance of cancer cells. Non-cancerous cells are completely ignored in the standard diagnostic process.

Previous research focusing on breast cancer has shown just that Non-cancerous cells can play a very important role in inhibiting or stopping the development of cancer. Particular attention should be paid to the cells that form the structure and shape of tissues and cells of the immune system.

Scientists have developed a special artificial intelligence model that performs… Evaluation of cancerous tissue, based on the appearance of cancerous and non-cancerous cells. In addition, it evaluates different types of interactions between them.

Evaluating these patterns is difficult for the pathologist because the human eye may find it difficult to classify them reliably. The AI ​​model quickly measures it and presents it to the pathologist Ready information In a way that makes the decision-making process easier for him – says the professor. Cooper.

The end result of the AI ​​model is: Generate a comprehensive prognostic score. To achieve this, the system analyzes up to 26 different characteristics and features of patients’ breast tissue.

AI also makes it easier for the pathologist to analyze the results to provide aggregate data for specific cell types, such as cancer or immune cells. Thanks to this it can be created Personal treatment plan A detailed risk assessment.

Another advantage of the AI ​​system is that it helps evaluate therapeutic response, which will enable shortening or extending treatment depending on changes in tissue appearance over time.

– We also hope that this model will help reduce the disparity between patients from large and small cities. The latter often do not have access to a pathologist specializing in… breast cancerAnd our artificial intelligence model can replace it – says the professor. Cooper. Scientists are currently focusing on developing more AI models that will focus on specific types of breast cancer. The results were published in Natural medicine.

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