Do you recognize these clouds?  NASA needs you!

NASA is trying to figure out why liquid water has disappeared On the surface of Mars. Important information on this topic can be obtained from the study of clouds above its surface.

It consists of crystals of frozen water and carbon dioxide. They are formed under specific conditions, during negative temperatures, which literally lead to the freezing of the Martian atmosphere. Careful study of this phenomenon can help in understanding the mechanism of its formation Clouds on the surface of MarsAnd at the same time determining the structure of the atmosphere of Mars, which floats at an altitude of 50 to 80 kilometers.

“We want to know what causes clouds to form – especially glacial water clouds, which can tell us how high and the water vapor is at any time of the year -” – explains Dr. Marek Slepsky of NASA JPL.

NASA has a 16-year data set of Mars reconnaissance vehicle (MRO) that has been orbiting the Red Planet since 2006. The probe includes an instrument The safest climate on Marswhich explores the planet’s atmosphere in infrared light. In the data collected by MRO, due to the constant movement of the probe around the planet, the clouds look like arcs. The team working on this data needs help looking for such parentheses.

For this purpose, the project called Cloudspotting on Mars on the Zooniverse platform. Anyone with free time can join the event. The task is to go through the data and determine where the information scientists are looking for is located.

NASA experimented with algorithms that would identify arcs in Data from the planet Mars is safer. However, human searches can be more effective. Commitment to the project Cloudspotting on MarsIt could further help teach the algorithms that will do the job in the future, said Armin Kleinboehl, associate research director for Mars Climate Sound at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.


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