I checked if the Rogue One director’s The Creator is actually the best sci-fi in recent years

Unfortunately, it’s all for nothing, because although Edwards can tell stories through images flawlessly, he simply can’t handle more serious screenwriting. This is the weak scenario in “The Creator” and makes the film simply not worthy of admiration and applause. The scenario is secondary, predictable, full of pathos, naive simplifications and unsuccessful dialogues. Proving that Edwards still has a big problem with the more human, emotional side of his stories (“Rogue One” is perhaps the only exception to this).

Watching “The Creator” for more than two hours, we follow how the former soldier takes the robot that was supposed to destroy him from point A to point B. Emotions are thus generated by the subsequent clashes, tension and dangers, but above all by the heroes. . Or at least that’s how it should be. Unfortunately, the film’s characters are drawn casually, and sloppily – they’re empty archetypes, bloodless bags of clichés, characters playing to one tune. They are uninteresting, and unable to excite strong sympathy or antipathy; Most of the time they remain indifferent because of their kindness. The weakest in this regard is… the main character, Joshua.

The image does not serve as an analogy for contemporary concerns and real threats to the progress and development of civilization – it mostly parrots the actions of humanity’s best decision-makers. The film’s vision of conflict doesn’t hold water: the Americans consider artificial intelligence so dangerous, they ban it and plan to destroy it, while using a whole host of different tools based on… artificial intelligence. This is just one of many logical holes in the current world picture.

The AI ​​turns out to be a positive force seeking peace, as opposed to the angry part of humanity – the childish, even trite assumptions of this conflict make it impossible to take this story seriously. “The Creator” is a trite, inaccurate, and inaccurate story — subverted by annoyingly one-dimensional characters. A “masterpiece of this genre” likely has a lot to offer.

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