Złote Globy bez udziału gwiazd i bez transmisji. Kinowa premiera nagrodzonego na ostatnim festiwalu w Cannes Złotą Palmą filmu "Titane", oraz polska premiera nowej komedii twórców "Dobrze się kłamie w miłym towarzystwie". Przeglądamy najciekawsze wydarzenie kulturalne nadchodzącego tygodnia.

Golden Globes without stars and without broadcasts. The film premiere of “Titane”, which at the last Cannes festival received the Palme d’Or, and the Polish premiere of the new comedy of the authors, “It is good to lie in nice company.” We review the most interesting cultural event of the coming week.

On the night of January 9-10, we will learn about the winners of the Golden Globe Awards. The ceremony will be held without the participation of stars and journalists. There are two reasons. The first is an omicron multi-infection pandemic, and the second is the Hollywood County Foreign Press Association that awards these awards..

The organization is accused by society of corruption, arrogance and lack of representatives of ethnic minorities in its ranks. Additionally, NBC has abandoned broadcasting the ceremony.

Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast and Jane Campion’s Dog’s Claws won the nominees at the 79th Golden Globe Awards, each with seven nominations. Four nominations went to Adam McKay Not Looking for (Best Comedy or Musical, Screenplay, Comedy or Musical Actor – Leonardo DiCaprio, Actress in Comedy or Musical – Jennifer Lawrence) and King Richard: Victorious Family. Reinaldo Marcus Green (Best Drama, Song, and Best Actor in a Drama – Will Smith & Supporting Actress Unganoy Ellis).

The same opportunities were given to get statuettes of Paul Thomas Anderson “Licorice Pizza” (in the categories of Best Comedy, Music, Screenplay, Actor in Comedy or Music – Cooper Hoffman and Actress in Comedy or Music – Alan Heim) and” The West’s “Side Story” by Steven Spielberg. In the Best Foreign Language Film category, the statuette will be contested for, among other things, “Hero” Asghar Farhadi and “The Hand of God” by Paolo Sorrentino.

Julia Docorno, winner of the Golden Palm award, will enter Polish cinemas on Friday, January 14.

Alexia, played by Agatha Russell, is a sexy dancer. After committing several murders, he has to flee from the police. He changes identity and claims to be a missing person. This movie is a brutal, funny, multi-dimensional and crazy statement. But also a difference in the human body. As Małgorzata Sadowska wrote about the film “Titan’ burst on screen: demolishing genre boundaries, storming male movie fantasies, and breaking the balloon of our expectations.. Alexia (Agatha Russell), the owner of titanium plates, bad memories and a very seductive body that does not wear out, does not allow himself to be loved and cannot be hated. Her life is like the Paris-Dakar Rally: you fight hard to survive and you never know what will be around the corner. Maybe a fairy tale? Maybe a horror movie? melodrama? A feminist tale about inner change? Although it seems impossible, the imagination of David Cronenberg, Luc Besson and Claire Dennis meets in the movie “Titan”. Ducournau flawlessly combines seemingly distant worlds and styles.”

On January 14, Polish cinemas will see the latest film from the creators of “Good Lies in Nice Company”.

The heroes of the comedy “Fortunately and for a long time” are four married couples who discover the invalidity of their vows, Because it was given by someone impersonating a priest. They have a month to decide on the future of their relationship. Will they agree to say “yes” to themselves again, or will they take this opportunity to seek a new opportunity in life?

Director (not) happily ever after is Paulo Costella. In the main roles we will see, among others, Claudia Gerini, Felipa Negro, Carolina Crescentini and Fabio Volo. The film is inspired by the true story of a couple who discover that the priest who was getting married was not what he said. They didn’t realize he was just pretending to be a chaplain because he wanted a free vacation.

This aroused the interest of the creators. When they began to prepare for the film, it turned out that there were more similar stories. As director Paulo Costella puts it, “Together with Paol Genoves, we wondered if the newspaper article we had once read was good material for a movie. Will the incident described here cause the characters to stop and think? The audience answered the question that the characters from the film answer, ie: What would each of us do if we had the opportunity to decide again whether to remarry with the person who until yesterday was our husband or wife?”

Grammy: The concert has been postponed indefinitely due to Omicron

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